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Jean Tirole
Jean Tirole, a long time CEPR Fellow, received the award for his work on regulating large firms.
The Trade Policy Research Network (TPRN) – led by Joe Francois (University of Bern) and Bernard Hoekman (EUI) will provide theoretically well-grounded analysis that is directly relevant to policy
The world has not yet begun to deleverage its crisis-linked borrowing. Global debt-to-GDP is breaking new highs in ways that hinder recovery in mature economies and threaten new crisis in emerging nations – especially China. The latest Geneva Report on the World Economy argues that the policy path to less volatile debt dynamics is a narrow one, and it is already clear that developed economies must expect prolonged low growth or another crisis along the way.
The researchers’ winning paper was titled "Social Motives and the Organization of Production: Experimental Evidence from Open Source Software".
We are delighted to welcome Sir Charlie Bean to the CEPR Board of Trustees. Sir Charlie brings a wealth of experience from public policy and academia to the CEPR Board chaired by Guillermo de la Dehesa.