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Meetings for the month of November 2014

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10/11/2014 CBI-CEPR-IMF Conference on "Ireland: Lessons from its Recovery from the Bank-Sovereign Doom Loop, Dublin
With: Central Bank of Ireland,International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Organizers: Richard Baldwin, Craig Beaumont, Peter Breuer, Stefan Gerlach and Philip R. Lane
As a result of its severe banking and economic crisis, Ireland lost access to international capital markets in 2010 and entered a three-year program supported by the EU and IMF. With Ireland having completed that program and returned to market financing, it is appropriate to examine the policies implemented to overcome the crisis and to assess the challenges ahead.

To help advance that discussion, we are organizing a conference in Dublin on Monday, November 10, 2014, jointly sponsored by the Central Bank of Ireland, Centre for Economic Policy Research, and the International Monetary Fund. Entitled, IrelandóRecovery from the Bank-Sovereign Doom Loop, the conference combines a retrospective on the program with more forward-looking discussions.